Personal Professional Coaching for Fitness Professionals

Hi, I'm Geraldine (Jerry) Anathan, NYU School of Professional Studies Certified Coach. I help fitness professionals reset the balance in their lives, expand their businesses, and feel great in the process. As you know, its all about the journey and sometimes we just need a little support along the way. 

I know what its like to be spread a little too thin. We give a lot to our clients, and the more successful we become, the less time we have to put the rest of our lives into balance. Have you ever wondered what happened to your own physical and spiritual/emotional practice, the tidiness of your home, or the time you have for yourself, only to keep moving forward? 

Enter Personal Coaching. When you engage with me as your accountability partner, we will create strategic,  measurable, result-driven and timely actions to improve your business management and personal productivity, while paying keep attention to the other aspects of your life. We'll identify and remove obstacles that are keep you stuck so you can get untangled to move forward.